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You ever find yourself in situations when you want to express yourself but the other person keeps talking or the other way round? Must be frustrating right? Well, over the years i have learnt that listening is better than talking. I know i love talking (a lot) but i have learnt when to keep myContinue reading “LISTENING”


Do you ever regret that you trusted someone ? Hey, someone once told me ” forgive yourself for the blindness that put you in the path of those who betrayed you, your good heart didn’t see the bad” Be careful who you choose to trust , people out here are chameleons. It’s just a humanContinue reading “LETTING PEOPLE IN…”


I once landed willingly on a drop tower in germany´s “frezeit park” just because i found it cool and amaizing. I almost peed at myself on the first drop , i was trembling with fear of the height like never before in my life. I wished i had superpowers so i could free myself butContinue reading “FEAR”

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