Fighting the inner battles

We are in one way or another going through something. Something that is taking a lot from you, something that eats you up from inside, that thing that makes you cry yourself to sleep, wake up and repeat, that one thing that shifts your focus completely and drives you insane. That one single thing you cannot let go of.

You walk outside and mingle with people smiling and laughing but hurting inside, afraid to share due to the fear of being judged and so its better for you if you isolate yourself. Its not easy fighting these inner battles and still having the strength to interact with others. It feels like no one is around to help you, support you and tell you its gonna be okay. Someone to hug you tight and say they´re gonna get through it with you. But theres no one, its just you and you alone.

There is still hope though did you know that? This hope starts within you, the way you´ve been fighting, you don´t have to stop, you need to keep on fighting, strengthen your spirit by going for therapy, listening to motivational speakers, preachers, reading inspirational books, the Bible, magazines, talking to strangers outside or online, praying, singing…whatever it takes to make you feel better, take the bold step and do it. Remember if you can´t run, then walk, if you can´t walk then crawl, do whatever it takes, with a pure heart, to get there and trust me, you´ĺl be thankful you never gave up.

You dont have to fight alone, reach out, help is everywhere. I love you and do not give up, hang on in there friend.

Guidlines for a go-getter attitude

Go-getters are determined people, problem solvers, optimists and people who would stop at nothing until the necessary is done. Here are 4 guidlines i came up with that will help you attain the go-getter attitude

1. Be intentional. Know what you want and how you want it. Learn to stick to your own choices instead of letting other´s make choices for you. If you seek growth and maturity, you need to be intentional in everything you do and everyone you let into you life.

2. Turn your Failures into opportunities. It´s easy to focus on your Failures and not see the positive side of it but you know what? It´s okay to fail, don´t be embarassed, it happens and that´s how you learn. Don´t be afraid of failing instead, take that as a chance to start again and create new opportunities out of it. Don´t just fail and stay there, move, you´re not a tree! Challenges make you grow honey.

3. Set your Standards. You don´t have to always try to fit in. Don´t let them make you feel like your standards are too high because this is just proof that you threaten their comfort zones, so walk away. Be proud and embrace the person you´ve become, raise those standards if you want to change your life and never apologize for that.

4. Don´t just wish for it, work for it. You can´t get what you wish for, you get what you work for so stop day dreaming, wishing for this and that every time instead of actually getting up and doing something about it. You wish to have a good body? Either hit the Gym, eat healthy or both! You wish for a better future? Start working hard now, your efforts will pay off. Remember, it all begins with your mindset.

Be stronger than your excuses!

The Power of Discipline

I don’t know about you, but i had to learn how to be disciplined the hard way. The journey did not always look like the destination, but i got there by hook or crook because i am a go getter. So let me share my experience;

1. You will not always be motivated and that’s where discipline comes in. I wasn’t motivated when i started my fitness journey because i never saw the results but somehow i knew i had to only be consistent and my body will thank me later. So this journey brought out the discipline in me and even when i have zero motivation of going to the gym, i get up and go lift those weights.

2. Discipline is the Bridge between the goals you set and the results you expect. For you to achieve it all, you need to be consistent and when you’re consistent you develop discipline. This is will help you achieve what you want in life.

3. Being disciplined is all about progression not perfection, so keep moving forward no matter what because the pain of discipline is better than the pain of regret.

4. The greatest version of you is the disciplined version. Discipline will take you places, it will get things done, it will keep you going. So get out of that comfort zone in order to achieve long lasting results because that’s the power of discipline.

Stay committed.

A letter to someone, anyone

Hey there, i just wanna let you know that you are loved! You´re a special someone, you´re strong, you´re brave and you´re worth it. Life is tough honey, but so are you. Your past mistakes do not define you. They may hurt, yes! But breathe darling and don´t be hard on yourself. You cannot go back and change what happened, but you can rewrite your next chapter, walk in it like a King, step by step, day by day and don´t dare stop. Okay?

Remember to smile, stay positive and keep glowing.

Your Principles

Sometimes it’s hard getting to know who the right friends are because as they say, not every one who smiles at you, wants the best for you. Some just want to be around you because you have something to offer but once that is gone, so are they.

So the question is, how do you differentiate a person with bad motives from the one with good motives? You set your Principles and then you observe! By setting your principles you make your boundaries known. If they don’t want to stick to that, you let them go. Don’t lower your standards just to please them, it usually ends up in regret. You know all these through observing people so be extremely careful about who you let into your life and invest your energy in. This is very important to your growth and will save you the Heartache.

Your Happiness

Hey, why have you been depending on other people for your happiness? Why are you working so hard to please other people and make them happy while you’re losing yourself in the process? What about your own happiness?

It’s time you realize that happiness starts from within. You should learn to make yourself happy and then spread that to other people. You matter as well, don’t give up on your happiness just smile and keep your head up because you’re beautiful , you’re wonderful and you’re worth it. So be happy. Your Life , Your happiness.

Lots of Love☺️💕


Faith is something that I never had for the past years because of doubt but that has changed as time goes by. It´s not been easy just believing something will happen without having doubts that it really will and that´s why when I began my journey to seek God, I found Him, just as in Mathew 7.8.

I used to think my mom is crazy when we prayed for something and she told me “have faith in God, believe in what you have prayed for and you will receive it” but look at me now, My Faith can not be shaken and people think i´m crazy, which is awesome. Cheers to all the Crazy people in Faith.

My dear friends, Faith can move mountains. Anything you ask the Lord, He shall give it to you if you believe it, just knock and the door shall be opened unto you. I am where I am because of my Faith in our Lord Jesus Christ and it does not matter whether they call you crazy, because in my opinion, that´s a good type of crazy.

When we have faith, we are not limited to God´s blessings. Yes, doors may close but let´s not pay too much focus on the closed door that we forget the one that has been opened unto us. Troubles should not hold you back from thanking the Lord everyday ,having faith that better times are coming. True faith brings all the gifts that God has given unto us.

Have a strong Faith and don´t be ashamed about it because God will never be shamed of you. Serve Him , Love Him and obey his commandments. God Loves You very much. Have a beautiful day.

Make someone smile today😊

You can make a person smile today just by complimenting them. Tell them how good they look or what you love most about them and see them smile. Tell your closest people you love them and appreciate them. You never know when’s the last time you’ll see a person because nobody gets out of this life alive. So today , be a reason someone else is smiling no matter how crazy it may look because it takes a smile for a dark day to look bright. 😊

I love you all and thank you for reading. Have a blessed day my friends❤️

You are stronger than the emotional Pain

Don’t let pain stop you from bringing your dream to reality. Pain is what makes you stronger. Beware of the people that will want to take advantage of you when you’re emotionally unstable coz that’s when you’re the most vulnerable. Be careful of the friends and choices you make, don’t be in a rush.

Choose to smile amidst that storm you’re facing, don’t let pain be your excuse to make a decision you’ll regret. Take it easy. You don’t have to prove anything to anyone. The situation maybe tough, but so are you. Be strong, hang in there and keep going. It’s gonna be alright❤️

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